Monday, 26 April 2010

"I'm tiny like a Dormouse, short like a bungalow house"

First week in and I have to shake of the apathy of the holidays and get in the mood for project completion. Apathy is a good word isn't it? It's much fancier than saying you can't be bothered.

For the group project, I'm working with Alberto, Alan, Nigel, Darrien and Chloe, so as a group it's pretty big. We're working on the WHAT WHAT WHAT project, and we are currently going over some ideas for what the animation should be about. We have had a huge amount of possibilities, but we desperately need to cut down on them for perhaps a second time as they tend to keep being expanded on.

Relating to the title, Weebl and Bob have a new Savlonic video out after Electro Gypsy called Tiny Japanese Girl. Like the former, it took me a few repeats before I got into the song, and the irrelevancy of the lyrics in places is probably dafter then Electro Gypsy. I always enjoy seeing the savlonic videos because they're nicely animated, but boy did they enjoy adding lens flare in this one!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

The sad lamentations of a holiday wasted

Not wasted in a holiday sense, but a work sense, as being a good little student I strove to complete a lot of work over the holidays and being an actual student I did bugger all.
I started doing a few designs for an animation in flash I may do. It comes from a youtube sound recording, but I'm not saying anymore than that because I don't know if I'll get it done. For now, heres a still-

-and heres an actual background-

Apart from these, I don't remember doing much else. There are plenty of things still yet to finish, but then I always have those. Otherwise, I tried to do a small amount of drawing practice, by copying the photographic reference I've been collecting in one of my reference books.

Doing the book in order originally, I started on cats. Most of these I'm not pleased with at all, and I think the ones I do actually like I coloured. I had a lot of trouble trying to keep the faces in proportion.

Strangely, drawing hands was much easier. Which I don't understand at all.