Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I've been practicing Satyrs for a while now so it's about time I moved on to something else to give myself some more inspiration regarding the plot. What confuses me is how bad I am with abstract concepts, demanding rigid structure and narrative in everything I do while surrealism isn't meant to be like that at all. I have some serious mind mapping or something similar to get around to. Even if the animation is unstructured I can rigidly order the research of it!

Following the lecture, I've started compiling the surrealist artists whose work I want to use as an inspiration for the characters and designs. I'd begun looking at Max Ernst as his Fireplace Angel is one of my favourite pieces of art but I didn't know about the collage part of his work which has given me an idea regarding some characters in the project.

I love the mans body language in the picture below. It's so 'mildly interested' at most, like he's saying "Reeeeeeally?"
I'm veering more towards the idea of the characters varying in style from one to the other; or perhaps sections of the cast have different styles i.e the main cast are done in a painter-ly style while background characters are cut out or collage etc.

I first saw Leonora Carrington's style on a video for Erik Saties Gymnopedies and the creepiness of the characters in the images always stuck with me. Most of the images seem very blurred and indistinct without a sharp outline with simultaneously a very distinct use of colour, reminding me of how dreams are both vivid and difficult to remember.

Because he is one of the most famous Surrealists in the movement, I looked at Dali. What I did notice about his works is the emphasis on realistic painting, such as for the tigers and fish below. Seemingly the situation and placement of the more realistic imagery is what creates the surreal imagery.

An idea I've had is that the main characters of the project are animated in a style where their outlines are similar to Carrington's art, soft and blurred but closer to a more realistic style proportion wise. Other characters would be far more strange, made of collage or strange textures with un-natural movements

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