Saturday, 30 April 2011

Third year project catch up

I was working on a post a few months back but as the work slowly increased it ended up outdated, so I'll try to summarise the work that did get done.

Inbetween a Fable

For the third year project, the rain was successful however the falling rain from a worms-eye perspective looks far too weird to be used, so it's just the diagonal type. I don't know if I'll be asked to more of these as technically I'm not part of the effects work on this project.

So this is out-

-and this one got the ok.

I've moved onto character animation now, although I'm moving at a snail pace with the one piece I've got to animate from scratch. This is the accordian player. animating accordians is actually a lot less interesting than most animations would lead you to beleive, when they're being played they hardly move at all and the weight of them keeps people pretty much pinned. Still, she's a background charcter so they can't all be distracting.

Otherwise I'm lining the rest of the band for the background of the scene. I'm sure there will be more character animation from scratch coming my way soon.

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