Thursday, 26 May 2011

Crew Productions

Catch up!

I've uploaded the videos of the animation I did of the Inbetween a Fable work.

The crowd of revellers inked, I think mainly based on a photograph. As I gather they're meant to be in the background of the shot although whether its the same one as the musicians I can't say off the top of my head.

The crusader-esque purger of gypsies. I inked and did the secondary animation on her hair strands.

The drummer, the head was a simple translation of the inks to keep it simpler.

The flutist. He was mainly static so this wasn't too bad providing I kept to the right layers.

The dancers inked. I grew to steadly resent those pinstripe trousers, but one thing I liked about this one compared to something like the accordian is that almost all the frames were quite different so it stayed "fresher" feeling and lacked the repetition of one like, say, the accordion (seeing a pattern?).

The final animation I did, the coloured accordion player. She wasn't as red as the other characters when I coloured her so she possibly had some correction done in post.
Otherwise, I've made a sequence of the TIFFs I drew for Lets Blame Dahmer,which should be my final video upload. The style gets rougher towards the end but fortunately the guy starts to move forwards, so the terrible drum kit gets less attention.

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