Monday, 5 October 2009

In the beginning...

...people had nothing- ah wait, wrong section.

Well, as the information on the main profile page told you my name is Sian and I'm studying Animation at Falmouth as part of the three year course. This Blog is to keep track of any projects, any ideas, sketches, videos, inspirations- whatever is related to the course, it's going to be posted here.
Being literally the first week on the course mind, there isn't much I can exactly post, so I thought I'd put down a few of the animation related things I've done in the past so people can get an idea of where I'm coming from.
I did a foundation course over the past year, and ended up assigned to the Media based group, which had a real mix of people from different areas (I think one guy was doing sculpture there) but I decided to focus on animation for the final half of the course.

I started doing looped GIF animations to get a feel for Photoshop and computer colouring software, so I made two(which were originally going to be part of a quartet) based on Japanese Mythology, namely a Bakeneko (cat with two tails or split tail) and a kitsune (multi-tailed fox), drawn in an anthropomorphic style-

(The kitsune)

(The bakeneko)

As GIF's these should move, but if they don't I'll link to my deviantart gallery if you're interested enough to look them up. I'm still pretty new to this blog thing.

Making these basic GIF's was pretty fun but time consuming, so I decided to go for a stop-start animation in the style of the old Morphs. I built the set so that the backgrounds could be reversed for the next sequence so I could save time filming (the bedroom and kitchen are the same set). It was filmed in sequence in about a week, about an Alien abduction of all things using some very cheap materials such as a thick coat to film the night sequences. The two characters were called (imaginatively) Death and Ghost, and were a chalk and cheese couple made for an almost sitcom like set up.
You can watch their first appearance here, as part of a Black and White project (the snow walking sequence is still the thing I'm most proud of producing)

Their longer outing is here, called The Visitors (there were originally going to be more aliens than just the one I made). I'm happy with the animation but the sound quality is dreadful after being recorded at 4 o clock on a pc gradually dieing from the outside in, and the timing needs work. I can't get it to load via the file, so you can view it here-

Other than those I've mainly made a few more GIF's trying out random thoughts I've had in my head, but nothing interesting enough to mention here.

So that's the work in the field of animation I've done so far. I may make another post at the end of the week after I've had time to get my thoughts in order ready for the projects to begin, along with any inspirations or artists I admire.

Other links to my work are , my DA account with more of the arty things and concepts etc, and , where I store my webcomics ( most of which are on hold).

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  1. This is all great is really good to see where you are coming from.