Friday, 23 October 2009

"And that stupid Blog! He had it coming too!"

Boy I'm running out of Silent Hill quotes fast.

The continuing escapades of El Cubo continue. This time I've animated him doing a poorly executed backwards flip (or forwards, I lost track of where he's meant to be facing) as I couldn't for the life of me find out how to speed him up, so if anyone asks this is animated in a zero G atmosphere.

Another of the tasks this week (although its more of a "do or don't, it's your degree tasks) was pixcellation (I think it has a different spelling compared to doing something using pixels) , animating people frame by frame as if they were a puppet, like the works on the Pez website or Jan Svankmeyer. One of the confusing things I find about pixcellation is when objects get involved. At what point does pixcellation become stop frame animation (although technically all animation is stop frame animation) , is there a limit to the amount of time an object can be used on the screen before it's considered a different category or is it solely the physical presence of a person or a part of their body being animated that makes it what it is?

Not that any of that actually matters, but I digress. We made some pixcellation videos as a group and also experimented with our own ideas sing the Rostrum camera (which I found much easier to use purely because the digital camera takes so very long to take a picture).

Here is the rather literal paper cut (because I like puns).

You might see the above on Chloe, Al's and Thomas' too, or at least you should because they're welcome to it!

Here's the group effort, made out of a collection of tests, so we now have the ground work done out of the way ready for the all the important massive narrative pieces. Probably. Or at least some smaller work now we know the limitations of the medium.

OK, if this video still doesn't come up I'm putting it down to site retardness, not the file, because as far as I can tell it's still good.

That's it for this week, there was going to be a Rejection Girl quickie but it's so quick I haven't caught up with doing it yet.

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