Monday, 2 November 2009

"In my restless dreams I see that Blog..."

"You told me you'd update it again one day, but you never did."

I'm going to have to stop with the quotes soon, it's getting hard to think of new ones. Time for a new theme me thinks.

The 2d task this week was regarding anticipation and overshot, trying to create the most organic and natural ways of capturing motion in a movement. For this task again we used the illustrious Cubey and his friend Slightly-bigger-cubey. The idea was that small Cubey gets ready to jump (showing the anticipation of building up the energy to leap), makes the jump and lands by the larger Cube (leaning forwards as it absorbs the impact, being the overshot before it straightens itself out), the larger cube looks down and the smaller cube reacts in some way.

One thing I found with this task is that the number of frames were significantly higher this time round than before. Mine totalled at about 38, which is miniscual compared to the more adventurous animators.

You know I very nearly named this "companion cube"?

Making this one, I was halfway through the jump when I realised the cube was travelling far too fast for it to slow down enough to stop in front of the other cube, so I had it crash into the bigger one. The FAIL was added afterwards, although I'm terrible at typography so I'd be better off using a PC.

All my 2D animations seem to be extremely malleable. Whether this is good or not I dont know, it might be a problem trying to animate anything that isn't a cartoon character.

There are too many frames in the jump, making it oo slow, and Andy told me that thenother cube needs to stop moving so much so people can focus on one character. i suppose I like the animations to look busy but he is right, it's distracting. I will learn from this AND BECOME MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE.

Onto 3D, Cubey gets another friend to play with in the form of a ball. I'm getting slightly more accustomed to the program, although I still don't enjoy the tasks that much. I'm going to try more experimental and interesting anrratives in my 3D stuff because I've been taking the easy route with most of these to get them completed on time, but theres no reason I shouldn't actually learn how to use the program properly.

Nothing espeically interesting here, although I made Cubey slide rather than step so I could get a little overshot in there. Hopefully that actually shows.

Other than that, there isn't much else I've done. Rejection Girl is slowly being made, so it may be up eventually. Before christmas at least. I do have several ideas for the cut out animation fof this week though, so I'll be linking to several different sources for that.

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