Friday, 20 November 2009

Don't go out!- Walter

The animation festival in bradford was a great opportunity to see the kind of animations that get made world wide and the standard at proffesional level, although personally I preferred the student animations which seemed a lot fresher in terms of ideas. A lot of the animations felt a little too pretentious for me personally, even if they did have a good visual style, which goes to show that a strong narrative or idea is as important as the look of an animation itself.
Of the ones I saw though,
Mary and Max, Ink, Coraline, Simon's Cat, A Traditional Christmas at Small Birds Singing, Tom and the Slice of Bread with Strawberry Jam and Honey ( for a slightly different reason) and Melody Gone
were the ones that stood out for me, and even then I had to look some of those names up.
And, obviously,

Being an animation festival there isn't much you can really take photographs of currently showing, but here are a few photographs from the museum-

While in Bradford, I did some sketches for the life drawing brief but as that's been handed in there's nothing to show for it. Alternatively, I did get to practice some character designs, although they are incomplete.

This is a rough of Kushi, a vixen for my manga-styled anthropomorphic comic Fox fire. I've had some problems designing her trying to get the look of her right and I think this version comes pretty close, although her tail needs something to mirror her hair bands. Getting the position of the legs is something that always troubles me on this comic seeing as digitigrade legs are awkward to get the correct weight distribution on. I think this drawing woud be good for a colour test (themed around red).

This is costume reference from a joint web comic I help on, although considering my update spped I'm probably going to get kicked off of it fairly soon. The web comic is based in and around north mythology, and this character here is one of the ones I originally designed ( we both have our own "set" of characters we write part of the scripts for and draw the comics for) named Ka Agnor. He's a demon/dragon half breed, who spends most of his time in his human form and is tasked with tracking down the escaped Fenir. I like writing for him because he really couldn't care less what people thinks of him considering he could punch them through a wall. That and he's technically insane. There are other drawings of him in other costumes but I hadn't finished them. If I get these two inked and coloured I'll pop them up here.

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