Thursday, 10 December 2009

"Guess it's time to roll the credits."

Second update of other stuff.

I made a video with Alan in the style of an R-type/Gradius/Space Impact game (I will admit that the idea came from watching Nigel and Max's Final Fantasy/8-bit theater video) using the white board and cut outs. Here is the video without sound, which will hopefully be added tomorrow.

The colours were inverted to make it more of a spacey background. When we were making it, we had all these ideas suddenly pop up (there should be a narration with talking heads, and a squid formation etc) which were great until it turned out it meant 2 hours stood up drawing green lines for lasers, hence the cop out ending. Maybe next year if this was done on Flash instead it would be easier (once I learn how to do it), because it did come out quite well, although it needs to be darker.

Here's the newer version with sound, but it was shrunk by Premier much to my annoyance and I need to figure out how to the change that (the original had help from Bryan, much obliged). I suspect I won't be able to fix it just yet, but 'd recommend trying to play the videos together so you can get the audio for the larger view, just to get an idea of what it would be like.

The audio was a lot of fun to produce in trying to find all the bleeps, so it's a real shame that I can't fix it. Yet.

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