Monday, 18 January 2010

New Year greetings, two weeks later

Hows everyone doing? Good? I hope so.

Christmas was as it always is, a period of slovenliness and inactivity punctuated by consuming my own body weight in pistachio (no small feat!), but I did get round to eventually creating some images to update.

During the presentation I was extremly nervous (rightly so) and I started sketching this image. It was meant to be more Chinese than Japanese but I decided to turn it into a Shisa than a Fu Dog (ph33r my wiki research). It was a good practice of watercolours and I'm quite pleased with the dress gradient.

Although comic pages are at something of a stand still, I've been slowly changing the html of the Fox fire page to personalise it beyond the standard layout, even though the best I can do is change the images but not the layout's layout, so I'm doing more of a skin I guess. This is the background I'm using, although I did make a lil' logo to stick in the corners but I'm leaving it off as it tiles down the page.

The caramal dansen is still in work, I need to reverse the frames I have to see if the movement loos right for what is essentially a half-cycle or if I have to draw the other 4 frames, much to my annoyance.

I also finished inking Kushi, but still no colour. I'm hoping the background tutorials help me with understanding colour theory a little better, I tend to be fairly unimaginative when it comes to colour designs.

That's it I think, but I did find this -

a favourite Tom and Jerry of mine! It's called Concerto Cat, and has some lovely visual gags (I particularly like the flattened hands and the extendable pinkie finger).

and this, which I saw when I was looking for The Cat With Hands.

I think the animation for Death's wings and decaying fabric is amazing.

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