Thursday, 3 June 2010

The aftermath and animal firm

I went to the screening yesterday, and really enjoyed the other projects shown. I don't think anybody had an idea that was similar to another groups, so its amazing how differently people can interpret a brief.
The feed back on ours was sort of what I was expecting. When I did the track laying I had a suspicion it was going to come off as being very quiet, and the sounds I had were a variety of mono and stereo so I thought that might affect the audio quality. To be fair though, I did have an hours sleep was working at about 5 in the morning on it, so I probably couldn't hear things normally anyway.
Kathys project is done and dusted, and I managed to not post any images of it up at all. Sorry Kath.
I did photograph a few of them before I handed the book in though.

I do have the original sketches somewhere, but wuth these two images I wanted to work into them more, so here is Alberto in the style of a hieroglyph and Alan in the style of a picasso image.
I'm pretty fond of the Alan one actually. And no, it's not a basket ball.

Alberto and I were pretty far ahead with Animal Firm a few weeks ago so we could devote our time to the group project without suffering too many set backs, but we've now started colouring the characters ready for doing backgrounds and action shots. Here's a coloured Benny for his profile image. We're also hoping to do a character sheet in the style of a police height chart!

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