Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Animal Firm finale

Well, it's all done now. As most of the images were completely coloured in the last week, I can post them up now.

The Chameleons are a corporate business that specialise in information trafficking, and help crime syndicates cover up more noticable crimes- for a price. Having such a large amount of information about the syndicates at their disposal, they have the capability of exploiting the gangs for their own personal gain whenever, where ever. They also act as a loan company with a price higher than the money borrowed.
They work in with the Loan Sharks, who are the debt collectors for them.

Benny's night club Lapdogs which is the main scene, really, as this is where the whole Poker game goes very wrong.

The Chameleons at a board meeting, the higher up chameleons have larger horns and a more dominant attitude, like the chameleons in real life.

The line up of the characters, from left to right- Ethan, Benita/Benny, Pasha (the bear), Aleister (the snake), Salma, Hiroshi, Cecilia, Hampton and a Chameleon agent.

I'll only up load these images as I think the three largest ones are probably the best work me and Al did, and the chameleon with a gun is just a favourite of mine. That's not saying that the rest of the work is of a lower standard, just that these are the ones I think we put the most time in to.
Personally I'm very happy with this project. Alberto and I had the main plot and characters decided on in writing a few weeks before the What project, so when we had to animate for the two weeks we seem to end up in the same time frame as other people. The colouring and a few designs were done in the last week, and Alberto finished the whole project in InDesign to make it look pretty professional. I really think we did well with this one.

That's it for the year, isn't it? Only waiting for the grades to come back now, so nail biting time for the next week. I may try doing a summer project over the Holiday just because I can see me becoming endlessly bored otherwise. I have a few ideas, although most are comics, but I suppose I can still post them. It's character design after all.

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