Saturday, 4 September 2010

Gosh how busy I've been

...doing absolutely nothing.

No, this blog hasn't had much added to it over the summer. I had a horrendously bad art block at the beginning of July and it's been an age since I've been able to even think of anything worth painting or drawing. Not even any ideas for animating. I;m hoping I can change that this last month.

The reason for my art block is these two (insert whatever expletive works best here). These would both be page 7 in the first chapter, but as you can see I changed my mind how it ought to be laid out halfway through working on the first. Towards the end fo the second (while running out of copic markers as well) I decided I couldn't think of a way to write the first chapter that wouldn't be horrendously dull and done to death. Coupled with some on the spot designs I'm going to write to at least the fifth chapter before I even start doing pages again. It just goes to show how important planning is. Tip of the day, kiddies.

Towarsd the end of this month,I did start trying to fill out a sketch book with doodles-

Trying some head designs. I like the top left one and the child holding the frog best. I decided I'd try and do something sort of care free using the bottom left style, something having to bother with proportions too much-

...and then I went OCD with the proportions and dropped doing a stylised version completely. The left arm came out pinker than intended because of a lack of flesh tones in my pencil set, leading to orangey-pinky-browny guess work.

Then I got it into my head to do a water colour piece.

Thanks to watching Neo Tokyo Labyrinth I can't get Gymnopedies out of my head. I love this piece of animation, it's so strange. It always reminds me of the sort of nightmare you'd have as a child, where everything is sinister.


  1. make it so they speak like this "woof woowoof woof woof" : D

  2. That would be great if they were dogs instead of foxes, but they aren't so I won't.