Saturday, 16 October 2010

Flash pains


Seeing as I can't use CS5 files on CS4, I planned to start my flash outside of the studio and import it in to work up at the uni, giving me the whole weekend to work on the walk.

Which would be a fine, if flash didn't load everything I do at a frame per minute. Kind of puts a spanner in my work plans.

Otherwise, I drew another image for watercolour practice.

I seem to end up doing quite baggy clothing on any designs, I just like the way that fabric falls around the folds.


Alternatively I have now finished my walk cycle and I hate it.

I'll make it easier by listing-
1. No secondary animation on the arms or head when they stomp.
2. The foot for some reason goes into a tip toe shape rather than the heel hitting the ground first.
3. All of the proportions change like crazy frame to frame.

I will fix this thing eventually, it certainly has enough things wrong with it to warrant a remake. I'd say the walking speed is more of a slow stomp though, so I may have inadvertantly made a good reference for a zombie shuffle.

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