Friday, 12 November 2010

Who stole it?

After trying to finish the arduosly boring task of filling in the dope sheets for the experimental animation, I've started to jot down some rough character sketches ready for the 11 second club project.

I had a few ideas for the project. One involved two archeologists arguing over the removal of an artifact after the former had put it back in it's rightful place, except that didn't make any sense with the "Why would I put it there " part. Another was either two foxes/lizards or two roosters with a stolen egg, which made slightly more sense as they wouldn't have a reason to leave an egg there. They all ended with the offending eggs parent (being a lot larger than the main characters) showing up at the "He stole it!" part.

I didn't really feel the ideas were that good, feeling more average than anything and as three of them were the same scenario with different characters I wanted something different.

Thinking of an example where someone would be angry at somebody else for stealing, and also why there would be a crackling sound in the background, I remembered the old legend of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods and thought it would be a good scenario if he was completely unaware of how bad an idea that was.

So I've stuck with that idea! Here are some of the designs for Zeus, although I've put it as Z in my storyboards to save typing his and Prometheus' names out over and over.

Also, yes, there is a vampire Zeus and Left4Dead Bill Zeus. Don't ask.

(No designs for P as of yet as they aren't scanned.)

Here are the storyboards. The idea is that in the establishing shot, the humans are worshipping the great big fire, which is meant to be the crackling sound in the background of the sound file.

Most of the shots are static to make it easier on myself animation wise, but this means that the facial expressions need to be suitably deformed.

The backgrounds are noticably sparse. I'm slightly confused by the amount of detail we're meant to put into the animation, so the layout design is something I'll need to look out later. As the characters are so static they aren't moving around the area that much, so its more for setting the scene than anything.

Here the final shot is not inked as I'm sort of stuck with it. Either Z is shaking his fists in the distance at the "He stole it!" line, with confused people in the foreground, or he is addressing a large eagle relating to the legend. I've got two issues with these- if its the former, then Z is no longer the focus and the scale of whatever structure the two are observing from has to be large enough to be impressive but enough so that Z is still visible. If the latter, although the two characters are the focus I'm worried the appearance of the Eagle would come out of left-field for some people.

Until I can test the scenes with an animatic I can't decide between the two currently. The storyboard will be revised gradually in case I need to modify the movements to be more exaggerated.

While I do have an animatic it is extreeeeeeemely rough, barely even stick figures. Uploading it with my current internet is proving almost impossible, so when it's improved I'll load a copy on to youtube and post here.

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