Thursday, 10 November 2011

h0le: subject research

h0le was, surprisingly to me, picked as one of the 16 animations to go forward to the next stage of evaluation, based on storyboards, pre-production and an animatic with completed scratch track. I say surprising, I was so nervous pitching the idea I'd forgotten most of the experience and peoples reactions before the day was out.

So currently I'm re-doing the rough script I wrote up before I start any storyboard roughs and I'm trying to decide on what the blue words should say and I've encountered a problem.

As this is a heavy-handed metaphor, what helps a person out of their depression?

The basis of the blue words is that they symbolise that the white creature (should I name him and the black thing? It's getting tiring writing "white creature/black blob" all the time)is not alone at the bottom of the hole, despite how he may feel, so the words need to be encouraging.

But is this enough? Certainly, for any amount of time a person spends depressed words become relatively meaningless. I suppose in the context of an animation, they're more of a kick-start to the white creatures determination to already leave the situation he's in.

So the words are more of an assistance, shown in the way they become hand holds in the climb up. Unfortunately deciding what types of words should be used is more of a problem because its difficult to come up with phrases that feel genuine, rather than theatrical. Having the inside of the hole looking like a collection of fortune cookie sayings would be terrible.

I've decided against making a blog for h0le, yet. It's early days and I'd rather the project made it through to the next stage before I start making official looking things.

Heres a quick animation I made. I'm badly out of practice and still trying to decide on which software to settle on, this was TVP.

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