Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I-do, not I-don't.

Or Ident.

I was working with Chloe during the project, and we had some trouble getting ideas together on the brief probably because it was so open (bar being red) that it was difficult to peg an idea.

Here are some of the initial ideas that we went through, based around the dancing and music theme of the website.

We ended up choosing a flower because a) it's inoffensive for corporations and b) we thought it might fit into the indie theme of the website.

We both started with some initial research into types of flowers and what sort of materials we wanted to use, and decided that it might look pretty good as a pixellation piece rather than something computer made as that would look maybe too corporate for the brief recommendations that were outlined in the brief.Along with making a pixellated video, we wanted the flower to be made similar to a collage image, being constructed from scrap so it would have a very interesting texture being filmed.

We did originally plan for the flower to be made out of paper materials so it would have text on it, but I was a little concerned about whether any of the text would be made out and whether that would effect the copyright issues with a public material, and also that if we were to make it using a wire skeleton that constantly glued paper and card would end up similar to papier mache in strength and wouldn't bend very easily, so a scout of pound shops netted some tartan umbrella material instead.

We filmed it in an afternoon, but because of the lighting on the background we couldn't green screen it because the shadows were too obvious. We added a posterized filter so the shadows and uneven lighting would turn into solid colours and would look like they were made intentionally.

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