Saturday, 13 March 2010

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This was probably the closest I've ever run to a hand in time with anything I've done here, I finished the storyboards at literally 5 minutes to the dead line, which was absolutely mental on my part. Turns out my laptop didn't have the software for creating pdf files, so many thanks to Montana for saving my bacon!

I chose the Knightrider script because everyone seemed to be picking the Pirates for it's length and after a read through of Ranger Rick I decided I'd pick the second shortest script.

While I was deciding on what kind of style I'd do for it I was browsing Youtube and started wathcing old 80's Anime like A.D Police and Ninja Scrolls (not the series) and thought the over the top action and sheer manliness of most of these shows was something I could use in the storyboard about a man and his questionable relationship with his car who fight crime. Here's an example of the style from Ninja Scrolls (viewing discretion is advised, although I tried to find the least violent fight possible.)

It was just so cheesy and over-blown I though it might be fun to combine the two, so everyone in my Knightrider is super-scowly and muscled. Excluding Amber, although I'm sure there are Anime's out there with that kind of style.
Anyway, here are the pages.

First scene- probably my favourite, because it was before my art skills completely burnt out. Of the different shots, Karl turning the mirror to see KITT behind him is my favourite just because it's probably the smartest transition I thought of. I drew most of these in the blue animation pencil and found that it still scanned in as well as the dark colours, which meant I had to spend a long time cleaning each panel (hence the late hand in time).
Second scene in the garage-

End of scene 2, in the garage. I like drawing Amber because I could give her more expressions than the big gruff men, and my favourite drawing here is her chucking the oil rag, which I might colour as an actual image at some point. I realised while making her original design that this is meant to be (rather like the original Knightrider) kind of for kids, so I had to tone down the cleavage in her design a bit and make her look less like a random dancer had shown up in a garage.

The final scene in the desert again, and it's obvious that a lot less effort was put into the drawings. Look at those cars! Terrible.

On the type of cuts though, I still tried to keep it very action orientated but I would have liked to draw more shots which mirrored the original introduction of KITT to highlight the mildly ridiculous nature of the Mini Cooper (although I did base the design of it off of my memories of Herbie, which is a Volkswagen. I'm not good with cars, I can only name a Dolorean). Keeping the continuity got to be very difficult, I think I managed it with the characters for the majority of the time but the cars vary massively. I'm just glad I didn't have to scale anything against another vehicle.

So the storyboard project started out well but lost quality towards the end, but I enjoyed doing it because it felt like comic work to me. Hopefully drawing lots of moody men was good practice too, and my Manga style might improve! (Still stuck with consistancy and escaping drawing six faces I'm afraid).

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