Monday, 8 March 2010


(This is currently being written while waiting for some extra jobs to do.)
I made the weather map background for the weather report and Corrine made the animated swf files for the animated graphics. The broadcast students don't seem to be that bothered about the level of animation invo9lved and seem more interested in graphics, but I made the texts fade in and out and had the clouds move across because it would be pretty boring otherwise.

The original background was a simple gradient but it was suggested it would be better as a moving image of something like water, so Stacey picked the video to loop.


After the day, I can say I didn't enjoy the experience very much. I haven't been in employment before, so I don't know if I would normally feel kind of riled in doing a sort of thankless task. I thought the group was pretty underused as a whole.

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